Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Remembering Our Brother "Ron Vandergriff" Who died Following A Long Illness-

Ron and Mae

    Today we received word that we have lost an expat brother, who was a valued friend to many, member of our Expat Community, Advisory Board Member and beloved husband to Rudy Mae Vandergriff .
"Ron Vandergriff"

Ron died in the hospital on March 16, 2017 at  10;05 am following a long illness and much suffering. 

The final cause of his death was "cardio pulmonary arrest probably secondary to acute infarction." according to Mae. 

Ron was born January 31, 1941 and was 76 years old when he passed. 

He can be remembered as a proud Texan and loving husband. Ron conveyed to many of us that , in spite of his health issues, there was no place in the world that he would rather be than at the side of the woman that he loved and married on February 24, 2010, Rudy Mae..

Ron loved his motorcycle and rode for a long as he was able.. 
He also loved a good project and always had an idea for developing something, especially if it would help someone or do some good for others.. 
Ron wanted to "Pay it  Forward" for as long as he could.

He always kept his great sense of humor .. He was quick witted and had little patience for "bullshit."
I counted him as a personal friend and I will miss his conversation and company.

To Mae we all express our deepest sympathy and wish peace and healing in the days to come..  

If you would like to speak with Mae or assist her in any way just contact her by Facebook message at :
Rudy Mae Vandergriff ..

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