Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Expats Need To Protect Yourself Especially In These Times.. Heres Tommy Osmeña


       The firefight happened in Bohol, but it's very likely the Abu Sayyaf would have come to YOUR city  as well.

Because of this, the Cebu City government will render assistance to the families of the four heroes who died protecting us. They say, “ It's the least we can do.”

The ASG have incurred significant losses; it is unlikely that they have the operational capability to do further damage now. 

However, other elements may exist, and as much as our police and military are trying, they cannot be everywhere all the time.
I urge all of our members where ever you live to take part in the security of your area.

It's very simple: just be wary of any houses in your area that is occupied exclusively by men who you don't recognize.

When a terror cell wants to infiltrate a new area, they need a place to stay. They usually pick a neighborhood where they can blend in. If you know a house that's for rent that is suddenly occupied by new people, especially if it's all men, please report it to your nearest police precinct commander. Know their number.. Be prepared...

I also encourage all legally armed citizens with Permits to Carry to exercise their responsibilities.  In terms of a firearms this would not be expats but it may be your wife.. In any case how ever you are armed Do NOT be gung-ho. Avoid any fight as much as possible, but always be aware of your surroundings. 

If on the small chance something does happen in your city, one of you will most likely be there when it starts and long before any police show up. Do ONLY what you must to protect your neighbors and family.

Remember, you can be  a deterrent more than anything else. A terrorist is much less likely to target an area where the victims can shoot back. Your police and military will do their best to make sure it doesn't come to that.

The first and best line of defense from any terrorist attack in your area can be your friends/neighbors who are Muslims. 10 years ago, during the ASEAN, it was precisely because of the vigilance and faithfulness of  Cebuano Muslims that an attack was successfully averted…

Always stay safe and have a great and safe Holy Week.

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