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Chris Chipp..
Dr Lauro, is my Cardiologist who saved my life when I had a stroke at Makati Medical, along with Dr, Alemany my Neurologist. These guys are great and were accepted by TRICARE for you who are eligible. They operate out of other hospitals, but i don't recall, but i think it is Asian and St Luke's respectively. Both speak very good English and are very very knowledgeable. Enough to save my life 2 years ago.
Dr. Lauro ..
Contact:+632 8888.999Local No:2154Room No:Rm. 154, 1st Flr., Hall A, Tower 1

From United States Embassy Website:
Hospitals in and around Manila often offer high-quality  medical care. However, even the best hospitals may not  meet the standards of medical care, sanitation, and  comfort provided by hospitals in the United States. Many  hospitals outside major urban areas may offer only basic  medical care in rudimentary conditions. It is wise to  evaluate the standards of medical care at a hospital before contemplating a medical procedure. 
Most hospitals will require a down payment at the time of admission. Local hospitals do not usually accept U.S.  health insurance policies, but many U.S. insurers will  reimburse patients for hospital charges. Patients are often  required to pay their bills before being discharged from the hospital. 
Two of the premier private hospitals in Manila are the  
Makati Medical Center, Amorsolo Street, Makati, Tel.:  
(011-63-2) 815-9911

For listings of quality hospitals in the Philippines click link below.

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